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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Killing and wounding 15 Yemeni soldiers in an attack on a military "Hadramout"

By : mena jon
On : 4:40:00 AM
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Yemeni soldiers killing 8 and wounding at least about 7 others at dawn on Tuesday, in an attack by militants loyal to al-Qaeda against the military outpost in the area of ​​"lessons" in Hadramout province in eastern Yemen.

A Yemeni security source said gunmen attacked a military point developed between the "Safer" in Marib and the lessons in the province of Hadramaut, where the point Bagtoa members who were in a fit of each inspection, and others are asleep.

The source pointed out that the clashes between militants and members of the point, after which he fell to about 8 soldiers, and wounded 7 others in the primary outcome, pointing to the destruction of an armored vehicle armed men were seen burning, where the points are distributed along the line of similar mechanisms in both a military post.

The state of tension has loomed over the region east of the lessons in Hadramout, Yemen after renewed fighting and confrontations between the elements associated with al Qaeda and the forces of the army.

A Yemeni security source said yesterday that about 44 people were killed yesterday at dawn Monday, including 14 soldiers in an attack by militants loyal to al-Qaeda against a military unit on the city of Yemeni province of Abyan Lauder South Yemen.

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